Monday, December 20, 2010

XMLBeans - First Steps

I attempted to revisit XMLBeans to generate XML-Java mapping codes based on the IFX schema. I've tried JAXB v1 but failed miserably (there might be some tweaking needed but I've searched high and low, to no avail...few years ago) The multi-XSD file structure from IFX Forum website was used.

In the XSD folder (all files are from the IFX Forum):

Using XMLBeans 2.5.0 distribution, the command I run:
E:\experiments\exploded-apis\xmlbeans-2.5.0\bin>scomp -mx 1024M -out ifx17.jar E:\yk\xpdesktop\IFX-SIT\IFX1.7_XSD\IFX170_XSD.xsd

IFX is a HUGE schema so the heap size is increased to 1024M in order for the command to complete successfully.

Time to build schema type system: 3.39 seconds
Time to generate code: 109.938 seconds
Time to compile code: 145.939 seconds
Compiled types to: ifx17.jar

Wokay, this is good. First try without fancy options, and a JAR file is produced. I couldn't achieve the same thing in JAXB v1. Will need to try out using JAXB v2. More on this later.

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